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Creative Process -  THE JOURNEY

This is one of the first artworks created by the artist on her spiritual journey.

As within so without, the artist was connecting to the light, like the sunlight within

I was on a journey to rediscover my joy and abundance. I did a lot of inner work, shadow work, and self-work. And as most of you know, this work needs to be backed up by the same amount of light, much like the yin and yang. 

As you clear your energetic space, release, and let go,  you make space for creations, for new to come in.

I received many visualizations after my meditations and sketched them roughly, I began to connect with spirit animals and flowers. 

I connected to each of these quite unintentionally, I began to follow the moon cycle, and how it impacts us during the full and new moon , throughout the month. How I can sync my body cycle along with it, planning the month.

I saw sunflowers wherever I go, a reminder to look at the sun, letting the shadows fall behind you. Look at the brighter side of life. Their mere presence brought so much joy and abundance into my life.

Turtle totem and their slower pace remind us that slow steps do not mean stagnancy. We can move forward at our own pace, and it is still forward movement.

All these learnings as I began to apply them to my life, inspired me to channel the healing and messages through art - through meaningful art.



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