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Full moon Magic💫 - Turtles | ARTPRINT
  • Full moon Magic💫 - Turtles | ARTPRINT

    Hello, Moonsoul. I am so happy to have you here. I'd like to share the journey towards creating this art print. If you're looking for product details, scroll down. :)



    This artwork was created while I was beginning to connect with the moon. The moon maintains and balances the life force on Mother Gaia. Apart from our individual cycles, the moon also plays a key role in the life of many animals, including turtles.


    While creating this art print & connecting to the inner self, I was guided to go deeper into understanding turtles.

    Turtles share a deep and relevant relationship with the moon. At nighttime, baby turtles use the moonlight as a guide to go back to their homes, from the shore towards the deep sea.

    It's not allowed in many countries to light up the area around seashores. Such steps were taken considering the impact of artificial light on these turtles who were getting lost in their path back home. Confusing these little ones to get lost and separated from their families. This art celebrates this beautiful connection between the moon and the turtle. Its intention is to remind us to:

    • Be considerate and mindful with our actions
    • Extend support, empathy to ALL life forces on earth. Regardless of our differences.
    • Celebrate the moon's beauty, often ignored and underestimated.
    • Remember that we share the earth with distinct beings who just like us, have the RIGHT to be here.



    Size: 8" x 8" inches. ( 21x 21 cm)

    Printed on 300 gsm paper. 


    When you decorate your space and add this print, don't forget to take a picture and tag @leorisingintuitive on Instagram! I'd love to see the addition of positivity and light it has brought to your space! Sending in lots of love. :)