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The winner story of honoring our souls speed. I leo rising studio

Updated: Apr 3

Our learning graph is different , each of us have a way of learning, adding exploring. Assuming we all go in the same direction and at the same speed is an unsaid but bizarre expectation.

Lately, i was thinking about rabbits and turtles, yes the common story ha ha.

But i am using them as an example of us how different each of us are( seriously isn't nature the best example ).


Soft , furry , sensitive creatures. Intelligent, but quick to run away from danger. Their sensitivity to sound, smell helps them protect and keep themselves safe.

& Turtoise, turtles, (correct me, go ahead) Slow to move forward , designed by nature to reach in it's own speed. But has an hard outer shell to protect it's softness.

Both, have their unique way of defense, a unique way of responding to danger, and also a unique way of responding to life.

So, why do we humans too compare our own growth with others, compete, dismiss , hide, alter , block our own journey, makes zero sense , asbsolute zero sense to me. Fishes don't fly and birds don't swim. There is a role and a space for each of us.

It is time we stop running the race , different for everyone so that we all can win anyway.

Maybe we all are winners.

Thankyou for being here. Do, go through my work inspired by nature, our connectivity. I love how nature keeps inspiring us and are gentle reminders in our life. May this work bring in your life just that โœจโœจ