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Spirit animal- Turtle

Updated: Apr 1

I truly believe spirit animals are a way shower. A direct communication from the universe connecting us to our deeper purpose and sending us meanings and messages. These animals appear at a different points of our life trying to take us on a deeper journey to get to know ourselves, to accept our shadows , our powers, our truths.


One of the first few spirit animals that i connected to was a turtle. Yup , those cute turtles, i hadn't really noticed these , never even connected to their essence. But , as i began to get to see them literally everywhere, at my cousins house, in all things i did. I couldn't help but see it's deeper meaning.

At that stage of my life, turtles gave me a sudden hope and relief, i was pretty much overthinking everything i did, i couldn't trust my pace and my speed. I almost all times have felt, genuinely extremely slow and gentle. (i know you'd say that isn't a bad thing, but) I 'd always felt rushed in life, in institutions, curriculum's I've been a part of. One of my biggest shadow so far is --To think wisely , to take steady slower steps, but at that point approx 2 years back i needed that message So so much. It helped me navigate the pandemic, and the anxiety of why/ were things the way they were in my life.

Turtles taught me to be OK, accepting of my slowness, calmness, and never take that as a weakness, (his tough exterior and the ability to protect himself in danger was a strength too).

Turtles are all about slow steady, wise steps. The spirit animal reminded me to be hopeful , not give up , trust the process, trust the unfolding, to accept shadows of self.

The Moon

At the same time, i began to connect with my own moon cycles and the moon. There's so much to write about it that i can go on. But for me as a woman , a moon is a reminder to be in my divine feminine essence.

As i was embarking into my healing journey , i faced many shadows around moon, and being a womb- an. I genuinely realized, how disconnected i felt from my own energy, from light , from the source. I was asked to face the hurt and pain suppressed inside me over the years, which somewhere in this busyness was forgotten.

As the transformation took place in my life, I prioritized my well-being and gave self space to feel the deepest shadows, to be honest with myself.

The ripple effect was seen in all areas of my life. Connections that didn't resonate dissolved, and people who resonated naturally grew closer. I felt happiness, joy, love, light, pleasure, desire, and beauty like I'd never felt before.

As i softened more, I grew stronger (strange, right? ) because as I faced my own darkness and my relationship with myself deepened, i could hold the same space for others in my life.

I started to understand the divine feminine and how I can allow rest, relaxation, and trust in the magic of the universe. ( Little did I know then, that I was at the beginning of embracing the divine feminine into my life.)

I felt abundant, rising, radiant and the cup was full. And this is what led to me creating

" Turtle and the moon " Artwork.

The artwork shows the relationship between the moon and the turtle. At nighttime, newborn baby turtles use the moonlight as a guiding light back home, from the shore towards the deep sea. Without it, they might get lost and left out far far away from their homes and their parents.

( Fact: Artificial lights tend to confuse these little ones. Thus, it's not allowed in many countries to light up the area around seashores.)

This art celebrates this beautiful connection. Its intention is to remind us to:

  • Be considerate and mindful.

  • Extend support, be inclusive, and empathizing and connecting to ALL life forces on earth.

  • Celebrate the moon's beauty and its presence.

  • Remember that we share the earth with the nature and animals who just like us, have the RIGHT to be here.

  • Their coexisting relationship shows how nature too knows how to lean on time and again for support.

You can shop the entire collection created with so much light and love for souls like you, here.

I'll see you in my next blog , where i write about spiritual totems, meanings and messages. <3

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