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Customized Art

We currently have slots open for this service.

March - April 2023'.

Customized Artwork : Digital Collage

Get digital collage customized according to your energy type.

We get onto a video call as soon as you book this service ( OR you can choose to communicate on messages , however a call would help me understand your energy type better.)

I will look into your astrological chart placements/ human design. Accordingly, I will connect to a spirit animal and totem for you. 

The artwork would be a mix of nature, earth elements, and flowers. The result would differ according to your energy type and would come along with a message. You can see examples below.

Paradise A4 2.png
Rabbit 4 minus 1 rabbit.png

You will receive a digital copy of the Artwork once it's complete.


The Artwork will be available in default size A4. However, can be customized on request in square.

Rs. 3500 inr. onwards.

Artboard 3.png

Get in touch

Email at for any queries.

Or reach on Instagram at @leorisingstudio.

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