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The Full Story




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About the Artist

The Artist has been going through an evolution and spiritual awakening in life. 

During these shifts and alchemical transformations as a Scorpio, she tapped into her innate joy. She received inspiration during her visualization and meditation of a magical world. An inspiration and an invitation to go deeper with her creations.


She discovered or we should say re-discovered her inner joys, passions that sparked and filled her with life source.

Something she had forgotten/ removed and suppressed growing up, into an adult. During this journey, to bring in joy into her life, connecting to her authentic expression, she decided to birth Leo rising - a brand that is all about intuitive works.

Brand journey

The name ' Leo rising ' is inspired by natal chart placements (Leo rising & Leo moon).

At leo rising, she shares the visual expression of all the learnings and sacred visions.

Her art  is inspired by beauty, life, mother Gaia , flora, fauna, women & her journey of self-work, healing and transformation.


The art is meant to ignite abundance, prosperity, golden light, and healing within you and in your life.

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