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Sakshi is an artist based in Delhi, india. She is the founder of Leo Rising studio.

The name ' Leo rising ' is inspired by her natal chart placements. She is scorpio sun, leo moon & leo rising. Yes, that's a lot of energy in one chart.  This ,was her source of inspiration for the brands name , while diving deeper into the journey of knowing herself.







New logo copy 12 a 19.03.png
New logo copy 8 19.03.png

The Art on the official logo is her first digital painting , a symbolic expression

of the rising she felt with while creating Leo Rising Studio. ↗ ☾

This is a space where she shares her art, message, meaning, and purpose, with play and flow. Her work is inspired by nature, earth, animals, flora, fauna, and her journey of self-work and healing.  The art is meant to ignite abundance, prosperity, golden light, and healing within the life of people it reaches. 

Her work continues to grow as she dives deeper.

I am happy to announce now you can work with me 1:1 and receive customized prints for your home. These collages are curated keeping in mind your needs and unique energy type, also considering your astrological natal chart placements , spirit animal and even human design. 

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