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Art prints , wallpapers , notebooks.



Artworks that carry the message of light and healing. Created with the alchemised energy of the artist, channeling divine wisdom and messages to tune in.

Art that makes you feel.


Artist's Journey



The Artist has been going through an evolution and spiritual awakening in life. 

During these shifts and alchemical transformations as a Scorpio, she tapped into her innate joy. She received inspiration during her visualization and meditation of a magical world. An inspiration and an invitation to go deeper with her creations.

She discovered or we should say re-discovered her inner joys, passions that sparked and filled her with life source.

Something she had forgotten/ removed and suppressed growing up, into an adult. During this journey, to bring in joy into her life, connecting to her authentic expression, she decided to birth Leo rising - a brand that is all about intuitive works.

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Art Journals


Available in 3 Sizes: 

A5 / A4 / A3

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☆ Divine Artprint

☆ Seashell Pearl Artwork

☆ Mystical owl Artprint

☆ Magnolia & Snake Artwork

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Magnolia Mockup 3.png


Intuitive Artworks

Artboard 3.png

It is about coming together.

a time to share, communicate , exchange, build our tribe.
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Amethyst collection

Art Journals

Digital downloads, phone wallpapers

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